F4 水彩画 

It is located in the 8th arrondissement, including Dior and Louis Vuitton, east of the Champs Elysees.

A fashionable center.

F4 watercolor

 40)モンマルトル Montmartre

地下鉄を降りるとこの辺りにはカフェの香りが溢れる。  土産物屋にも寄りたいがまずは上まで行こう。

F4 水彩画 

After getting off the subway, the scent of a cafe overflows around here. I want to stop by the souvenir shop, but first up.

F4 watercolor


41)サクレ・クール寺院 Sacre Coeur



F3 鉛筆画 

The highest place in Paris. Behind the Sacre Coeur is the Place du Tertre, where painters gather.

F3 pencil drawing 

42)コンシェルジュリー  Conciergerie



A conciergerie on the island of Cite. Although part of the royal palace, it has the role of prison, and Marie Antoinette was imprisoned and her cell is now on a tour course.

F4 watercolor

43)エミリーちゃん  Emily



Emily sitting next to me. I finally heard her name.

F4 acrylic painting

44)石塀小路 京都    Stone wall alley,Kyoto




F80号 油彩画

Maiko in Kyoto practice day and night of dance,shing a song. she can take vacations about twice a month. Today is the day when she can go out after training. She got dressed in a hurry, but she didn't have time to remove the powder from her neck, so she went out. she normally don't really do that.

"She" participated in a painting exhibition in Cologne, Germany in September 2018.

F80 oil painting

45)ブルグント(薔薇の名前)Burgund (name of the rose)


F2 アクリル画

A powerful flower.

At Keisei Rose Garden

F2 acrylic painting

46)初恋(薔薇の名前) First love (name of rose)



First love is wel-expressed name.

At Keisei Rose Garden.

F2 acrylic painting



"Maria" Catalunya Museum

スペイン カタルーニャ美術館にあるマリアの絵の模写。


F4号 アクリル画

A copy of Maria's painting at the Catalunya Museum in Spain.

 I haven't been here all day, but it's refreshing.

F4 acrylic painting 

46-2)サグラダファミリア Sagrada Familia

あまりにも有名な建造物。まだ未完成、と言うのも大きな特徴であるが日本人が                  チーフとなって参加していることも誇らしい。  SMサイズ 水彩画

Too famous building. It is a big feature that it is still unfinished,                        

but I am proud that the Japanese are participating as the chief.

SM size watercolor painting 

46-3)カサ・バトリョ Casa Batllo



F4号 水彩画

Of course, the entrance fee is charged for Gaudi buildings, but the fact that there are residents living here in the room is different from other World Heritage sites. I think the residents will be noisy too. You can only see the first floor and the top floor.

F4 watercolor painting 

47)サン・ヴィセンテ・デ・フォーラ教会 リスボン、ポルトガル

Church of San Vicente de Fora, Lisbon, Portugal


F6号 アクリル画

Lisbon with seven hills. View from Portas de Sol Square. Overlooking the Tagus River and the Alfama district. 

F6 acrylic painting

48)アルカンタラ展望台 Observatório de Alcantara


「CM消臭力=しょうしゅうりき」のコマーシャル 歌っていた背景はここ。    

F6号 アクリル画

A small park with a view of Saint Georges Castle on the opposite bank, but the golden dusk is especially beautiful.

F6 acrylic painting

    49)ジェロニモス修道院   Jeronimos Monastery

大航海時代を象徴する修道院 世界遺産

F12号 アクリル画

A world heritage site that symbolizes the Age of Discovery.

F12/acrylic painting


Panorama from Castelo de S. Jorge.


F20号 油彩画

Morning, noon, evening and the sun change the light on the white and orange canvas.

F20 oil painting

51)マダレナ通り  Madalena Street


F2号 水彩画

Classic-style streetcars run across Lisbon. This streetcar is your foot everywhere you go.

F2 watercolor painting

52)リモエイロ通り  Rimo Eiro Street


F2号 水彩画

A streetcar heading to Portas de Sol Square. It climbed the hill.

The building on the right is the Museum of Decorative Arts.

F2 watercolor painting


Church of Santo Antonio

リスボンの守護聖人 サント・アントニオに因んで建てられた。


F4号 水彩画

It was built in honor of Santo Antonio, the patron saint of Lisbon. 

It is said to be a saint of marriage.

F4 watercolor painting


Portas de Sol Square.

アルファマ散策の起点となる広場。そのくらい 見るべきポイントが確認できる高台。

F4 水彩画

A plaza that is the starting point for walking around Alfama. That much, the hill where you can see the points to see.

F4 watercolor

55)ロッシオ駅(リスボン) Rossio Station


F3号 アクリル画 

Central station when going from Lisbon to the countryside. The station building is in harmony with the surrounding buildings.

 F3 acrylic painting 

56)アウグスタ通り(リスボン)Augusta Street


F4号 パステル画 

The main street of the shopping district. If you go through here and go through the gate, you will reach the sea.

F4/pastel color

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